As well as using the web to help our clients communicate to, delight, entertain, and inspire their audiences, we have a few in-house projects in production, too!


Thelma Magazine


After publishing an initial four issues and receiving over 13000 readers within the first 6 months, we learned a lot and took some time off to use what we learned to plan the new iteration of Thelma Magazine. With a new publishing team, and a new burst of energy and passion for digital media, we’ll be re-launching Thelma in 2013!

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All Of The Numbers

We’re excited to be working on our own “digital radio station” using podcasts by local content producers to create a new era of community radio for young people in Melbourne.




Bomb! is a documentary about yarn bombing in Melbourne. We’re investigating yarn bombing as a form of street art throughout the city. As of January 2013, we’re about half way through production, and hoping to release the doco online within the next 6 months!



‘LOL’ at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

Kealey is performing her first ever comedy show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy festival. Eleven & Twelve is producing the show and providing multimedia and promotional support.



My Pants!

In 2012, Kealey was left standing bare-bottomed at Flinders Street train station during peak hour on a Wednesday evening. Her vintage pencil skirt was so old, that the entire seam split like a hospital gown as she hurriedly tried to hail a taxi. She waited 45 minutes with the breeze on her cheeks for her emergency ride home to arrive and rescue her. That 45 minutes was enough time for her to get over the shame of baring her arse to the city, have a giggle, and come up with an idea for more appropriate underpants for clumsy, active girls like herself to wear. These are in production, and a launch will be announced during 2013.


Three One Two One


Filled with neighbourhood pride, Eleven & Twelve is building a nice colourful web-based homage for their town, Richmond. The site will include snapshots of local residents, businesses, events, and provide information on all of the best goings-on within the 3121 postcode!