Dr Froth is a children’s entertainer that focuses on science, and spectacle. With his ‘incredibubble’ show he uses his own special blend of soapy water to perform tricks with bubbles that leave the audience (adults, as well as children) gasping with wonder.

His stage show is very interactive as he brings audience members into the routine to get them to try out their own bubble-skills, and to put them inside giant bubbles.

Dr Froth performs at schools, children’s festivals, and events for grown-ups, too.

His troupe, Bubble Media, has performers around the country who all perform their own unique versions of the ‘Incredibubble Show’.

Eleven & Twelve accompanied Dr Froth at the ‘Fun 4 Kids’ festival in Warrnambool ┬áin 2012 and recorded a series of performances inside the local theatre to capture the best, most bubbly moments to use in this short promotional clip, as well as collecting footage to use in the video of Dr Froth’s full length show. (Both can be seen above).

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