Before running a digital media agency, Eleven & Twelve’s Director, Kealey, worked and played in a number of other random potential careers.

Kealey ran her own independent jewellery label and gained media coverage and stockists around the country, and even produced the samples for her own clothing range. Kealey has also worked as a Producer and Art Director on a number of independent films. She’s run guided tours through coral reefs, islands, and the desert for non-English speaking visitors to Australia. And more recently, established a large coworking community, sanded the floor boards of a warehouse, produced an online magazine, an animated self-portrait, a comedy show, and is working on her own practical lingerie range for women who ride pushbikes.

When not working on client projects, Kealey is painting, glueing, sewing, stitching, cooking, gardening, sketching, moulding, or in some other way creating something she’s daydreamed about. Kealey and her team have a wide range of experiences and skill sets that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, and a true excitement for learning and figuring out new things.

What we’re getting at here is that we’re totally ready and waiting to create things we’ve not yet created before!

So if you have an idea that you haven’t seen on this site, or anywhere else and you want to create something new, innovative and awesome – we’re the practitioners of trial, error, and adventure that you should be working with!

We dream of building, animating, choreographing, developing (and so on and so forth) to create things that inspire, delight, confuse, and motivate people.

Got an idea? Let us help imagine and bring it to life with you!