Megan Park //

I worked with The Project Agency to create a short video for Megan Park’s Mother’s Day Promotion – a VIP event at their Armadale store where the attendees learned how to make their own floral arrangements with florist, Karen Rose.

It was a beautiful morning!

AngelCube //

I’ve been working from the coworking space, Inspire9, for most of the past two and a half years. So I’ve been around to watch lots of exciting stuff happening in the Melbourne technology/web scene.

I was asked by AngelCube, who run an angel investment and mentoring program, to capture the atmosphere of their 2012 pitch day. Eight companies were selected from this pitch day, and will be working from Inspire9 for the next three months, receiving mentorship and guidance in their businesses.

Check out the video!

Creative Performance eXchange //

This morning I attended an event called the CPX or Creative Performance eXchange. It’s a meetup of people who want to make an impact on the ways in which we work, by introducing creativity and new, innovative ideas.

This morning’s meetup featured a live action version of the hugely popular (and addictive) iPhone game – Angry Birds. Here’s some quick iPhone footage I grabbed during the moment: Angry Birds IRL.

I was asked to write a blog post for the new CPX website, describing my work, and what I do to make a difference with creativity. I found it to be a good exercise in re-capping what I’ve been doing for the past few months.

So here it is: My guest-blog on the CPX website.

Note cards //

The Easter long weekend has been a great opportunity to slow down and catch up on admin.

It has also been an opportunity for a visit to Lincraft and some time out to do a little bit of craft. One of my weekend craft projects was to hand stamp some note cards and envelopes to use to send my work in on USB thumbdrives, to my clients.

I’ve used some old ‘system cards’ and some small ‘seed pocket’ envelopes and added custom stamps. I like the analog feel that the stationery has, and how they’ll be perfect for carrying my digital work through the post.

I send so many emails, upload so many videos, and spend so much time communicating online – so when I send mail the traditional way, I like to include a touch of personalisation. Can’t wait to pop some of these into the letterbox!

Bike Fest Runway //

This year I was very pleased to be the official video provider for Melbourne Bike Fest, and to once again work along side some of my favourite clients and friends at The Squeaky Wheel who produce the festival.

Throughout the festival I’ve been putting together videos for many of the Bike Fest events, as well as videos with lots of interview content about ‘road harmony’ and bike safety.

It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve even learned a few things about cycling in Melbourne. The best bit has been going along to all of the events and getting amongst Melbourne’s lovely cycling community.

Check out the video above. It’s from one of Bike Fest’s most colourful events – The Bike Runway. It was a crossover event with the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. But most importantly, it was a lot of fun!

The Social Studio //

Over a year ago I was running around with very little equipment, just a flip cam and a tripod, filming video content for Thelma Magazine – my side project.

Here’s a video article I put together back then about Melbourne’s The Social Studio. The Social Studio is a great social initiative that provides training opportunities in fashion, design and sewing. They now run a full cafe next to their fashion studio that provides hospitality training experiences, too.

And on top of all of that, the clothing the produce is amazing!

Melbourne Mini Maker Faire //

A little while ago I attended the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire at Swinburne University. It was organised by some friends of mine at the Melbourne Hacker Space.

I put together this short video wrap up of the day – it was filled with all kinds of exciting things, from a cardboard castle, to 3D printers, robots, and everything in between.

I was very excited when the video was blogged on Wired Magazine’s Geek Dad blog.

There are regular Maker Faires in cities all around the world. I definitely recommend getting along to one and checking out all of the awesome things people are creating.

My Bike Project //

A project that I’ve been very proud to be involved in has been the My Bike Project at run by The Squeaky Wheel and North Melbourne Football Club’s The Huddle.

A group of teenagers from migrant backgrounds were taught road safety, bike riding, and bike maintenance skills during Saturday afternoon sessions over a few weeks.

It was such a great program to witness – I had a lot of fun meeting and getting to know all of the participants and facilitators. And most excitingly, I was lucky enough to be able to put together this short video about the program and the experiences of the people involved.


Eco Stories //

A few weeks back I worked on this video for the City of Melbourne to capture stories about what Melburnians are doing to increase sustainability in their day-to-day lives.

Pedal Powered //

Working out of Inspire9 (a coworking space in Richmond), I get to meet a lot of people working on awesome projects. Recently Leena from Bike n Blend has been spending some time in the space.

Her business is bicycle-blended smoothies. She takes customised bikes that have a blender attachment out to festivals and markets, and sells drinks that are blended through the power of pedalling.

I had a little spare time this afternoon, so when I felt like making a smoothie for myself I decided to film the process and cut together a short video to show how the bicycle blenders work.


Conversational Copy //

I’m lucky enough to have been working with Kim from Metta Scents for the past year, writing blogs, copy, and HTML email newsletters for her store in Prahran. I also created the design for her soon-to-be-launched website which is currently being coded up by Christian at Peacock Studio.

What I love about working with Kim is visiting her at the store for a chat over coffee and simply listening to what she’s been up to and what she’s excited about. It allows me to hear about her shop’s new products and upcoming events in a conversational manner which helps me write about Metta Scents as though I’m re-telling the story to a friend. Kim and I believe this is a nice, sincere way of writing promotional text. It definitely helps that Kim is passionate about the ethically and environmentally friendly products she sells at the store.

Writing for Metta Scents has also allowed me to cheekily pen a voice for Kim’s dog, Horse the Greyhound, who hangs out at the store with her. It’s a lot of fun using my imagination to write from a dog’s point of view!

And I also get to dress him up at Christmas time and take photos like this one I snapped last week:

Thelma Magazine Video Content //

I’ve just dabbled around with my Vimeo account and set up a few groups and albums. One of them is an album full of Thelma Magazine video content from the past year or so and features fashion and lifestyle videos as well as interviews with John Safran, Catherine Deveny, Kimbra, Cullen, The Morning Benders, and more.

Check out the album here!

Tweed Ride //

I had a great time filming the Melbourne Tweed Ride for the Victorian Vintage Bicycle Club a few weeks ago. I slept well that night after having to keep up with the front of the pack to capture the crowd riding towards me! Everyone looked great and I can’t wait to attend next year’s Tweed Ride.

Recent Work //

Recently I’ve been working with The Squeaky Wheel who run the Melbourne BikeFest and a bunch of other cool bike-related projects.

The first of my projects with The Squeaky Wheel to be completed was a collaboration we for the City of Melbourne to promote public awareness for the Swanston Street redevelopment.

Check out the videos below!

Street Smarts Video #1

Street Smarts Video #2